This article contains graphic descriptions. Please be advised.

() The Dr. Kermit Gosnell legal drama has re-framed America’s abortion debate in many ways. As the trial nears its conclusion, Live Action, a non-profit organization devoted to pro-life causes, has released a new, undercover video that is sure to spark additional surprise and outrage among those who oppose abortion.

Part of its “Inhumane” investigation into the nation’s late-term abortion clinics, the new clip shows a staff member at a Bronx, New York, clinic instructing a woman on how the procedure would work. The conversation, though, includes a few elements that some will pinpoint as problematic.

In addition to telling the undercover Live Action investigator to flush her baby down the toilet if it is delivered at home, the counselor, who allegedly works at the Dr. Emily Women’s Health Center, described what the clinic purportedly does even when babies appear to be twitching or breathing after late-term abortions.

Watch the video below (caution: graphic content):

Here is another video from a different clinic. Click here to read more about this video:

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