Either the NBA ref needs a reminder of that — or he was clearly aware of it. There aren’t many other good explanations for that absurd sixth foul on LeBron.

Did that call irrevocably determine the result of the game? LeBron exited, baffled and frustrated (and for only the second time in his playoff career, mind you), but Miami was only down four with a minute to go. You could say that Dwyane Wade’s subsequent travel did them in, but — really — without LeBron, the Heat were a mess in that final minute, totally discombobulated.

But rewind two minutes for the real story of the game:

Tied at 89, Paul George missed a long 3 — Roy Hibbert was there for the offensive rebound and put-back. A minute later, the Pacers up 2, this sequence:

*Lance Stephenson misses a 3.
*David West gets the offensive rebound.
*Hibbert takes a jumpshot and misses…
*Hibbert hustles for his own rebound and puts it in.
*Add in an “and-one” on LeBron, his 5th foul.
*Hibbert makes the free throw. Pacers by 5.

Check out LeBron James' BIG defensive stop on George Hill in Phantom super-slow motion high-definition. Visit nba.com/video for more highlights.

Lance Stephenson scored 20 points, including some clutch buckets, to lift the Pacers over the Heat in game 4.