It's the latest way to get fans fired up about the season. This week at city hall, the mayor,  the chamber chamber of commerce, and the big wigs with the big cats announced a series of new fan initiatives called "Stand United Fridays."

Mayor Alvin Brown said, "It's important to continue to build on the momentum and excitement and vision Shad Khan has laid out for the Jaguars."

One way to build on that momentum is by showing off your team colors. Local businesses are asked to allow their employees wear Jags gear and decorate their offices. A fan vote on the Jaguars Facebook page could result in 40 free game-day tickets.

Jaguars President Mark Lamping said, "For the Jaguars to be successful, we have to do everything we can to give potential fans and current fans an opportunity to be engaged with the franchise."

There will be pep rallies, a weekly scavenger hunt, and a new sign in the end zone that says "Welcome to Jacksonville, Florida."