Maurice Jones-Drew admitted on Monday there was an incident a couple of weeks ago at the Conch House in St. Augustine, but would not elaborate when asked about the details how much he was involved.

"It's a big distraction and I've never wanted to be that." said Jones-Drew.

Jones-Drew chose to hold a news conference on Monday to avoid any further distraction to his teammates when a mandatory three day minicamp begins on Tuesday.

The seventh year running back knows the last couple of weeks have impacted more people than his teammates and organization.

"My kids are affected more then anything, my children have nothing to do with what went on" said Jones-Drew

While Jones-Drew couldn't say much about his legal issue, the running back got fired up about his offseason football regimen.

"I've always played at a high level, I've trained down in South Florida and it's nothing new. I've come back in shape and went on to do all theses great things but people question my ability to play the game. That's upsetting." said Jones-Drew "more then the legal issue I am more frustrated about that."

Jones-Drew said he thinks he'll be ready for training camp and he will continue to work out down in Miami after mini-camp concludes on Thursday.