Maurice Jones-Drew went back to the school at UCLA earlier this year and at 28 years old he was the old man on campus.

"I was used to pen and paper and not laptops, so that was a bit of shocker," said Jones-Drew on Tuesday. "Other than that, it was pretty much the same thing. Writing papers, kind of debating and interacting with kids in class, just the usual stuff."

Here in Jacksonville, it has been anything but usual.  Jones-Drew's locker this week is surrounded by six empty lockers including long time backfield mate Greg Jones.

"It's tough. To be part of a third kind of, I don't know if you'd call it a third, but a second kind of getting rid of a locker room, some guys and bringing in different guys, that's tough, said Jones-Drew.  "Like I said before, it's part of the business and it just is what it is. There will be a time when this locker will be empty, so it is what it is."

Jones-Drew is still the star of this team, but he is unable to do football activities because of foot surgery right after last season.  He is expected to be healthy for the fall, which will be the final year of his current contract.

"Nothing's been difficult about it," said Jones-Drew. "Just you have to have the surgery, and then really it's just not being able to do anything for three months, and now I'm starting to get back into it, starting to run. So you have that soreness, those type of things that are coming around now."

"Obviously people are upset that they got fired after one year, understandable, it happens to players all the time, understand it fully," said Jones-Drew. "But if you have a problem with somebody, say it to their face. That's a life lesson."

Lessons learned in the classroom and during a successful NFL career.  The Jags hope to piggy back on what could be Jones-Drew's most important season yet.

Number 32 is still the star of this team.  When Blaine Gabbert was called out by a former assistant coach, Jones-Drew was one of the first teammates to call his quarterback for support.